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With Writr's AI writer, you can easily create professional text-generated blog posts, articles, and other types with just a few clicks.

Why use an AI writer?

Save time
Save money
Unique content

It is easy to generate quality content for your website, articles, product, and general content creation with just a few clicks. By using Writr AI, new and unique content will be ready in seconds.

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  • Social media tools

  • Title generating tools

  • Headline generating tools

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AI writer FAQs

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Will the AI-generated content be unique?

Yes, each piece of text will be tailored and based on your subject and specifications. It's made to be time-saving for you as a writer and it doesn't matter if the content is for your business, marketing copy, website content, articles, LinkedIn posts, for your blog, landing pages, or other social media posts.

Can AI written articles help you sell products or services online?

Our AI is made for supporting online writers and content marketers. Including but not limited to business, marketing copy, entrepreneurship, technology, lifestyle blogs, and personal texts. The AI writing style is engaging and informative, it will generate fresh content with our deep learning algorithm. The text will provide readers with valuable insights that they can use to improve their lives or grow their businesses.

How can AI writing help you build your brand and audience?

Writr has the potential to help you build your brand and audience in a number of ways. For example, AI can help you create better content by providing insights about what topics are popular among your target audience and identifying opportunities for new content ideas. Additionally, AI-generate copy can be used to improve website SEO and boost clickthrough rates on marketing emails. Ultimately, using an AI technology tool can help you reach more people with high-quality content that is relevant to their interests.

How can AI writing drive traffic to your website or blog?

Writr is a tool made for creation of well written content for websites and blogs. It involves using artificial intelligence software to analyze data from sources such as social media, surveys, and customer reviews in order to identify trends and insights that can be used to generate relevant topics for articles or blog posts. Once the AI has generated a topic, it will then create content based on this information which can be published on your website or blog article.

Is the AI capable of replacing human content creators?

Pretty much, yes. The generated text is ready to be published but facts needs to be fact checked. The tool is a content generation tool and not a fact tool. However, our AI-writer is an intelligent tool that will save you time and therefor in the long run help your business.

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Use the AI writer to write quality content for your Blog

There are a few different ways in which AI can help you write blog posts more efficiently. One way is that AI can help you come up with ideas for blog posts. There are a number of different AI tools that can do this, such as Writr AI's basic tools or Pro Editor. These tools analyze the text you send in and suggest topics based on what it found.

Another way that AI can help you write blog posts more efficiently is by helping you to create content faster. There are a number of different tools that can easily do this, such as Writr's AI writer in conjunction with Grammarly. These software products help you to write more efficiently by flagging up common mistakes or pointing out where you can improve your sentence structure. These tools are very helpful with editing and proofreading so that you don't have to spend time going over what has already been written.

Writing articles with AI can help you become a better writer

Generate articles with AI text generator can help you become a better writer because it forces you to be concise and organized. When you generate content instead of writing, or with marketing tools, you must first think about what your main point is and then organize your thoughts in a logical manner.

This will help improve your ability to write clearly and effectively. Writing articles with an AI writer can also help improve your grammar and punctuation skills. Articles often require correct usage of grammar rules, as well as proper punctuation placement within sentences.

Get rid of writer's block with AI writing tools

There are many ways that AI can help you to get rid of writr's block. For example, if you have a question about how to improve your writing, an AI assistant can provide you with helpful feedback and suggestions. Additionally, AI-powered tools can help you to come up with new ideas for articles or stories by providing prompts and inspiration.

Finally, AI-assisted editing tools can help you to polish your work and make sure it is ready for publication.

Use the AI writer to create Blog outlines for your post

There are a few different ways to use AI to help create blog outlines for your posts with our AI writer. One way is to simply type your topic in the pre-defined AI-writer blog post outline tool, the AI will provide you with multiple outline suggestions based on the input.

Alternatively, you manually write the instructions in the Pro Editor that will generate outlines for you directly where you are. Whichever method you choose, make sure the program provides clear instructions.

Use instructions based on the blog outlines to generate text

After you've successfully generated your blog outlines, headlines, and key structure for your post you can use the generated texts in the pro editor to let the AI write the content for you based on that information. To give the instructions in the Pro Editor you simply make the outline or heading int to an instruction.

Why you should use our AI writer

There are a few reasons why you might need content written by AI. Perhaps you need to produce a large volume of high-quality content quickly, and hiring human writers is not feasible. Maybe the subject matter is too complex or technical for humans to write about effectively.

Or maybe you simply want to test how well our AI can generate text that sounds like it was written by a human. Either way, the ai writing tool will generate content that is useful and boost your business's conversion.

Examples - AI content for a post about artifical intelligence

Your AI-written Headline: "How to write a blog post with AI"

Generate a paragraph based on headlined: "Describe in a long text How you can use AI to write a blog post"

AI writing assistant:
"There are many ways that artificial intelligence can be used to write a blog post. For example, AI could be used to help determine the topic of a post, gather information about the topic, and then draft and edit the post. Additionally, AI could also be used to track reader engagement with posts and make recommendations for future content based on what is most popular with readers."

Example - writer's block

Your AI-written Headline: "How to get rid of writer's block?"

Generate a paragraph based on headlined: "Describe in a long text How you can get rid of writer's block using AI"

AI writing assistant:
"There are many ways to get rid of writr's block, but using AI can be especially helpful. One way to use AI is by having a computer read your work and offer feedback. This can help you catch mistakes and improve your writing. You can also use AI to come up with new ideas for stories or articles. The computer will generate random prompts based on keywords or topics that you provide, which can help spark new ideas and get the creative juices flowing."

A list of other things our AI-writer can do

Our service

  • Create long form content with our Pro Editor AI Tool.
  • Generate the right words.
  • Create whole paragraphs ready for publish, both with access to our Pro Editor and general access to our basic tools with click generate.
  • Pre-defined templates with quality output let you focus on more important tasks than AI-writing.
  • Rewrite and paraphrase already published existing content.
  • Generate words and content with our copy generator in just a few seconds. No Pro Editor access needed.
  • Full access as content writer if buying the business package.
  • State of the art content copy generator when using templates.
  • Get of your blank screen writr's block.

Good to know

  • Our service generates content, not facts or accurate content. So the numbers and words are yours to fill in.
  • Pro editor requires full access. But our pre-defined quick tools have vell thought through templates covering your needs.
  • The service are not Free, credit card required to sign up and start creating content to publish.
  • Multiple languages are supported in the Pro editor. Not for the quick tools. We will publish more languages later.
  • Primarely used is our Copy generator creating highly SEO-performance words.